W Silver has been operating for over 100 years servicing the unique by-product needs of manufacturers in the southwest United States and Mexico. To this day, W Silver continues to expand into new markets and new commodities. A company wide focus on customer service has permitted W Silver to meet the constantly changing needs of our clients and generated by-products. W Silver retains pride in the flexibility maintained to meet the specialized cases of each client that is serviced.

W Silver Recycling is an international company headquartered in the heart of El Paso’s industrial district and resided minutes from the US-Mexico Border. The El Paso site, like all the others, is rail served and located within a mile of an Interstate. Key to the W Silver philosophy is that each location must be able to provide maximum returns by shipping direct to mills and eliminating intermediaries.

W Silver is the only full service recycler on the US-Mexico Border:

  • Wire chopping and E and O product destruction
  • Plastic grinding and processing
  • Payment for plastic and cardboards
  • Pallet processing and industrial trash hauling
  • On-site rail access
  • Radiation detector
  • 24/7 security
  • Licensed and bonded scales
  • Spectro-analysis