The recycling industry is based on environmental services and environmental protection. W Silver’s focus is to respect the green origin of industry and complete compliance. With every decision made at W Silver Recycling, the question is posed whether the company is able to open and close every day with the sound peace of mind that the world is a better place due to our efforts.

Below are some of the unique environmental practices offered by W Silver to help manufacturers maintain a green status and avoid landfill refuse. Working with W Silver is not only responsible, but improves the bottom line.

  • Recycling of commingled polymers, cross-linked and thermoset plastics
  • Handling of all generated materials including pallets and industrial trash
  • US based EPA monitored product destruction in lieu of unchecked overseas shipments
  • Fluid retention pads
  • Stormwater policy and regular checking
  • Unique environmental insurance policies
  • Knowledge of LEEDS program and services offered for contractors
  • Notarized recycling and destruction certificates